Our Project Assessment and Quotation Process

We follow a simple 3-step process to assess your project and quickly provide you with a time and cost estimate for taking your apps from concept to reality.  Our main focus is the enterprise market. We follow this process for inquires from established companies or new ventures that have secured their initial funding.

Step 1: We understand your high-level requirements

We need to understand your high-level requirements. If you have documented your requirements, make sure you send us a copy. Otherwise, just describe the functionality of the app in your own words. We may exchange one or more emails and phone calls with you in order to get a clear understanding of your high-level requirements. Sometimes, we document our understanding of your requirements and send it to you for confirmation.

Step 2: We provide you a ballpark cost estimate

We will send you a ballpark cost estimate to implement your app. Many factors will go into our costing equation: whether your app is a stand-alone app or has a server component, whether it is a native app or web app, what are the target mobile platform(s), whether we can implement the app using standard user interface elements of the target platform and the extent to which we need to integrate the solution with back office systems or other websites.

Step 3: We provide you a formal proposal

If you inform us that your budget can accommodate our ballpark estimate, we will prepare a detailed proposal that describes the proposed services and deliverables. The proposal also includes a time estimate and a firm quotation for implementing your app. For app development services, we use mostly a fixed-fee model. For consulting services, our quotes can be either time-based or fixed-fee quotes.






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