The M-Compass app development methodology from Osellus Mobile is a tried and tested approach for developing cross-platform mobile apps. M-Compass dramatically reduces your time to market and results in engaging and attractive apps that will enchant your users.

M-Compass is built on a hybrid unified-agile methodology that balances agility and speed with solid project governance. In applying M-Compass, we break down your project into multiple time-boxed iterations that are spread across four distinct phases. The result is you will see early versions of your app early in the development life cycle, which gives you ample opportunity for responding to the unexpected.

What makes M-Compass unique is the incorporation of platform-specific considerations and best practices in every phase of the project life cycle.

M-Compass includes both platform-specific best practices and methods that are common across the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. Each version of your app will look unique and native on its target platform, while maintaining the overall project cost at a reasonable level.







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